• How Did I Became GitHub Campus Expert

    Hi all, before directly going in to the topic let me give a brief introduction on What is GitHub Campus Expert Program. Its a technology community leadership at your campus. During the campus expert training program we had to learn public speaking, technical writing, community leadership and software development skills that will help you to imporove your own personality and as well as the campus community. GitHub Campus Expert can get sponsorship and support from GitHub to host a
    How did i get to know about this ?

    When i moved to the capital of Sri Lanka for my higher education i have seen lots events happening around the city of Colombo via my Facebook news feed. I was really interested in those topics and attends it with one of my friend. Then i realized that i am getting to know something more than our university syllabus. And i continued it till today.

    When i was in first year of my university, our campus FOSS Community has organized a workshop on "Introduction to Git & GitHub ". The guest speaker for the event was Sri Lanka's First GitHub Campus Expert Isuru Jayawardana. He was like a complete GitHub Man wearing GitHub Hoodie & a cute GitHub bag. That's the very first impression on GitHub. He taught us about Version Controlling and How to work with multiple developers in a same project. At the end of the event i felt it is the very useful tool and platform in the information technology field.


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