• How Did I Got Adsense Approval ??

    What is Google Adsense? Google Adsense Program is a Online Advertisement Publishing on Websites. Its Allows Publishers in the Google Network of Content Sites to Serves Ads. By Publishing Google ads in our Website We could Earn Money By PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mille) Rates. But Its Really Really Difficult to get Approved. Their Rules and Policies are very Strict. So Here I am Going to Share My Adsense Experience... 

    I Was Started Blogging in 2010. That Time I was grade 9 Kid. I was running a Tamil Tech Blog and Posting some Technology and IT News in that (http://tamiltelegram.blogspot.com). One Day One of My friend showed me a Cheque with $100 and the cheque was sent by Google. I was Wondered. And I Started to Search About Adsense and Find out What is it. For the First Time Applied to the Adsense for my Tamil Blog and Got Rejected. Because I am not 18 years old that time (A Kid). As usual I didn't read the Privacy and Policy Statement of Adsense when I signed up. If our Adsense Application disapproved once we can't apply again within the next 6 months. 

    So I Waited 6 months and Applied Again. Also Rejected Again. Why ? My Blog was in Tamil Language. Google Didn't Accept Tamil Blogs to Publish Ads. Then I Started a English Blog and Running on it. 6 Months Later I Applied for the English Blog. This Time It Said You cant Apply for Adsense with sub domain Blogs. Holly Shit !! I Thought I am not Lucky Enough to get it and Drop that Idea.

    Years went. In 2018 February I heard that Google Accepts Tamil Language Websites to Serve Ads. So This time I Had a Website with Top Level Domain (.com) And also have pretty much Traffic. So After some years I Applied Again. This time Its didn't said rejected. But Its Says "We Couldn't Reach your site". WTF ?? Every thing Perfect and My Site working Perfectly. So I Went to Adsense Discussion Forum and Asked about this Issue.Then I found that We Have to Configure Robots.txt file to Allow Google Auto-bots to crawl our site. 

    Then Its took 3 Hours to Find out the Location of Robots.txt file and I Did everything Perfectly. But Again google said the Same thing. Then I did Lot Of Search and Figured out that Our Site Speed should be above 90 out of 100. My Site got 70 Marks out of 100. Shit !! After That I removed Slider From my Sited and shorten all the CSS & JavaScript Codes and Proceeded Again. Finally I Became Google Adsense Publisher !! You can see the Adsense Below....

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